How to Write a Real Estate Blog People Want to Read

Provide solutions to problems your readers have.

When someone searches for something on the web, usually that person is looking for answers to questions or solutions to problems – particularly when it comes to real estate. How do I handle multiple offers on my home? Should I sell my own home? What renovations will get me the most money? What neighborhoods have the best schools? These are real life questions that people will put into their favorite search engine for answers.

The biggest goal of your blog will be to answer the questions and solve the problems of potential readers. The more useful your content, the more likely you are to have visitors and to get referrals from your site.

Write for the web.

A blog is substantially different from your college essays. Text is broken up into easily scanned blocks, with titles and formatting that guides the reader. Writing is more informal. You have less time to grab the reader, so titles are very important, as is formatting. Don’t save the best for last – or at least make sure you have interesting material up top to keep people reading.

People like to call an unattractive blog post a “wall of words”. This is because there is no semblance of any structure to the writing. A good real estate blog article should be broken down into ideas with a specific headings. Under each heading you should share your wisdom in a clear and concise fashion broken down in short concise paragraphs. Here are some great tips on creating a nice layout.

Add some pictures.

Having awesome graphics is one of the most important aspects of having a successful real estate blog. Your graphics can quickly propel you into being remembered by a significant amount of people. In fact, it is usually the graphics that will cause someone to want to share your article on their social media channels.

While you can find stock photos that you can use for free – which will work in a bind – ideally you should take some pictures on your own, or at least use unique pictures that really add to your content. A nice diagram, infographic or photo of a concept is great for your readers, summarizing information in a way words can’t. There are some great sites that you can purchase photos online.

Once you get your feet wet, you can take your graphics to the next level by using a service like Canva which allows you to make incredible designs. Social media sites, like Pinterest offer an incredible opportunity for real estate agents to expose their work. Use our tips and you’ll be a rock star in no time!

Focus on your areas of expertise.

While choosing broad topics is a great way to flesh out your blog and attract a wide range of readers, chances are the most valuable help you can provide centers on a more niche area. If you have spent 10 years working with home buyers in NE Spokane, WA, you have a unique perspective that not many other real estate bloggers have.

The more you can translate your knowledge into real estate blog material, the more attractive you will be to readers who need specific, accurate information on the subject you are covering.

Write for real estate agents and for clients.

It can be tempting to focus your content on buyers and sellers, which is certainly worth doing and is enough to fill out a blog all on its own. However, you are missing out on another audience – a surprisingly large audience – that you could tap into if you have something to say and the courage to say it. We buy ugly houses in Orlando Florida.

Sure, it may be intimidating to write for your peers, but they are looking for good info too. If you believe you have some insight into issues your fellow Realtors face, take the plunge and blog about it. If other Realtors like what you have to say, they will probably feel comfortable referring clients to you.

For example, one of the most discussed topics among real estate agents is Zillow. They are in fact the bane of many real estate agents because of their “Zestimates of value.” Many home owners take these online estimates as gospel which puts agents in a position of constantly having to explain why they are not. Many buyers and sellers want to know are Zillow estimates reliable or not.

This is the kind of topic that can kill two birds with one stone. You are helping consumers, while also helping out your fellow agents on how to educate why Zillow estimates are far from accurate.

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