Final examinations being over, we had plenty of spare time on our hands and totally indecisive regading constructive utilization of the same.

Various suggestions had been made and summarily rejected as not interesting enough and we had ultimately decided to wait for some divine intervention.

Our parents had offered to take us along to the wedding of some acquaintance of theirs, but we decided against the same because the very thought, of going to Kanpur in summer, was not an attractive proposition. Together with that, the other distressing factor was the idea, of spending a few days amongst a sea of unknown faces.

All three of us, brothers and sister, had reached he end of our tethers and with our parents away, thoroughly bored. This is quite an understatement compared to our actual feelings, as we spent our days lolling around in the sitting room watching TV or reading fiction, most of which we had earlier read several times over.

But fate decided otherwise and we were in for quite a surprises, when the postman turner up a few days later. The packet was addressed to my father and was obviously from one of my uncles, settled in USA. It being a Registered Packet, the Postman initially refused to deliver to me. It took a bit of an explanation from me and the intervention of our neighbour, to convince him of my credibility and authorization, to receive and sign on my father’s behalf, during his absence.

The moment he left, we were overwhelmed with curiosity and only some strictness and resolve on my part stopped my younger siblings from tearing opening the parcel. He was one of our favorite uncles and such a jolly and humorous person that he could even make the most reserved person smile.

The next two days were agonisingly long and it appeared as if time had came to a stand still. It was late in the evening before our parents reached home. We just managed to stay good night simultaneously handing over the packet, before we went off to sleep.

The next day we were quite early out of bed and the first query on our lips at the breakfast table was about the letter. ‘Was Uncle coming to India?” Had he information about his schedule? How long would he be staying??’ etc. But, disappointments were out lot and Dad halted us midstream. No, he was not coming on a visit and whatever he had written concerned official work to be dome here for one of his projects.

However, the interesting part was, interesting to us children of course, that he had sent a Walkman in the packet with a few of the latest cassettes then in vogue in the USA. He had also taped a letter to the walkman which gave us specific instructions to buy a charger, so that the batteries sent in the box could be recharged.

It was a pleasent surprise, although surprise would not be the right word, as he had been sending such gifts off and on. But pleasent it was. It really made our day and the rest of the vacation a bit more livelier.




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