Why is it important for me to know I headphones workwell mostly because, it’s interesting but also because by knowing how they work and what designs exist. You’ll be more capable of narrowing down that perfect pair if you already know how speakers works, congrats headphones are designed near identically if you don’t know fear not little one it’s remarkably simple engineering. If you crack open the enclosure of just about any headphone you’ll find similarly designed components across the board inside the headphone. Enclosure is this little guy it’s called the driver assembly and this is where all the magic happens now the part that produces sound. Is this dude it’s called the diaphragm on speakers it’s more commonly known as a cone now. The diaphragm is vibrated or more correctly pulled back and forth at rapid succession which pushes on the air surrounding the headphones now as you may remember from junior high school science class disruptions and displacements in air creates sound waves. Now sound waves are receptive by ourears and interpreted or perceptive by our brainsif you lost me there don’t worry to over simplify things this diaphragm which is usually made out of plastic and headphones produces the sound or music when it vibrates you might be thinking but how does the diaphragm move? there’s no motor on thereand now if we remove the diaphragm from the assembly will find two crucial parts that i’m going to explain.


Now some headphones and speakers have other parts such as a spider or a pole piece yada yada I’m not going to explain those things if you want to know more. I put a link to Discovery Channel’s how it’s made in the description that well explains all the parts to a driver , so the two parts of great importance of these first we have a magnet now the type of magnet and the strength vary depending on a headphone model and that’s not a really great importance secondly we have what’s called a voice coil it’s usually a threaded copper wire that’s it hes to the diaphragm now. When you play music through your headphones say through your iPhone you are outputting a certain amount of current through the cable so, yes from your headphone jack all the way to your ears through the cable is running electricity back and forth now that current goes directly into this concentrated voice coil and as a result it, creates an electromagnetic field now i don’t know if you remember from high school physics last but electromagnetic fields are cool because they’re only polarized her charged with electricity runs through them so a varying current of the audio signal causes the voice coil. To move up and down alongside or rather inside the magnetic housing and since it’s attached to the diaphragm it pulls the diaphragm back and forth the diaphragm pushes the air back and forth and that creates sound. With which is how we here cool beans that’s all there is best earphones in india to it so now you can go back to all the cute girls in your contact list that you know the ins and outs of drivers and diagrams actually don’t do that this video is a series and consists of several different earphones select the best earphones that you’d like to buy and click on the corresponding-an notation if you’re on a mobile device you’ll be unable to click the annotations.

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